A millennia-old sport, wrestling takes many different forms around the world. Graeco-Roman and freestyle wrestling are internationally recognised disciplines. Other lesser-known forms of wrestling include Nigerian, Indian, Japanese (sumo), Swiss, Togolese, Turkish (güreş), and Scottish.

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What is the fight at Sportcom?

Commitment, perseverance, respect, sharing and humility are emblematic values in this discipline, which has stood the test of time. Wrestling is a hand-to-hand combat sport that helps strengthen your cardiovascular system and muscles. Wrestlers must prepare physically for optimal performance. Since 2009, SportCom has worked hard to design and develop the equipment required to practice this discipline, which is part of sporting history. We offer high quality equipment that meets the many and varied needs of wrestlers. Discover our Dollamur Flexi-Roll® roll-up mats with customisable logo, colour, thickness, fighting area boundaries, length, and width. Designed for shared and permanent venues, they are quick and easy to install. The products below include a complete range of essential items for clubs and events, including wrestling circles, mat tape, tatamis, and special cleaning products.

What is grappling?



We purchased in December 2018 a new Flexi-Roll mat, 19m x 17m, for our National Wrestling Center Bréguet and we are absolutely delighted. Enormous thanks to SportCom, Official European DOLLAMUR Distributor, FFL and the City of Paris

Olympic Wrestling Team - Paris, France

In 2018, we purchased a new Dollamur Flexi-Roll mat, 19x17m, for our new training site in Bréguet, which we are absolutely delighted with! Many thanks to SportCom, the official European Dollamur distributor.

Olympic wrestling Paris team - Wrestling school

Benefits of wrestling

Benefits of wrestling
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