Martial Arts

Martial arts are an ancient tradition with as many different disciplines (judo, karate, jiu-jitsu, etc.) as there are styles (grip, percussion, projection, submission). These sports are widely recognised to be demanding not only from a physical standpoint, put a spiritual one as well. Anyone can practise martial arts, and you can decide your level of involvement : either more as a wellness activity to improve general health or competitive training with increasing levels of intensity. These sports are practised on a variety of specific mats. SPORTCOM is the leading specialist in innovative and modern solutions for Dojos and Tatamis, which respect and improve everyone's needs !

What is Brazilian jiujitsu ?

What is Judo ?


The Flexi-roll mats arrived, were put down and used that day. They are great, so much easier for us! Thanks for all your help! The mats are great and have had a huge impact on the running of our club!

Mark Arbuthnott - Brechin Judo Club - UK

We were delighted to have the Flexi-Roll mat introduced to the UK 10K Karate Clash this year. Not only did the mat look great with additional branding, all 40 athletes competing on the show had nothing but positive feedback!

Joe Long - Fighters Inc., UFC Gym UK Director


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