MMA, a very popular sport legalised in France in 2020, will make a place for itself in the world of combat sports. This sport is a mixture of several disciplines (wrestling, boxing, judo, etc.) and is practised in open spaces or octagonal cages following strict rules and increased medical supervision. MMA is growing in popularity. SPORTCOM will contribute to the growth of MMA through innovation. A new patent for a folding octagonal cage will enable clubs to be created in shared spaces.

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Benefits of MMA

What is MMA ?


There's no talent here, it's just hard work. It's an obsession. There's no such thing as talent. As humans, we're all equal. You can become whoever you want to be if you put in the time. You'll reach the top, that's just the way it is. I'm not talented. I'm obsessed

Conor McGregor - UFC Former Champion

When I fight, I almost feel like I'm someone else. When the referee says, "Fight", it’s like he's saying "free yourself". It's such a pure, incredible feeling.

Jon Jones - Practicing american MMA

Everything you think you know about MMA is wrong !

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