A highly popular discipline, MMA was legalized in France in 2020 (competitions) and has made a name for itself as a combat sport. It incorporates techniques from several disciplines, including wrestling, boxing, judo and jujitsu. It is practiced in open spaces or octagon cages according to strict rules and under close medical supervision. MMA is a fast-growing sport.

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What is MMA at Sportcom?

A hybrid discipline that improves coordination and psychomotor skills. MMA courses are highly varied: a combination of several sports, it has more than 230 techniques. This contact sport requires reliable and innovative equipment to guarantee the safety of fighters. You can find out more about our range of octagon floor-mounted MMA cages and cages with platforms, MMA panels with a door, modular stations, punching bags, stands and brackets, jigsaw puzzle mats, foldable cages, and more below. Most of our equipment is customisable and can be used to display the colours of your club or event. SportCom is innovating to contribute fully to the growth of MMA. We have registered a new patent for a foldable octagon MMA cage that will allow more clubs to operate in shared venues. .

Benefits of MMA

What is MMA ?


There's no talent here, it's just hard work. It's an obsession. There's no such thing as talent. As humans, we're all equal. You can become whoever you want to be if you put in the time. You'll reach the top, that's just the way it is. I'm not talented. I'm obsessed

Conor McGregor - UFC Former Champion

When I fight, I almost feel like I'm someone else. When the referee says, "Fight", it’s like he's saying "free yourself". It's such a pure, incredible feeling.

Jon Jones - Practicing american MMA


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