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Fitness functional training is a form of cross-training that combines several disciplines. A complete full-body workout, it improves physical fitness. This sport is based on everyday movements to prevent injuries. Practiced most often in gyms or fitness centres, fitness functional training builds muscles by working the whole body. A challenging sport, it also tests your limits.

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What is Fitness Functional Training at Sportcom?

SportCom has equipped Fitness & Functional Training centres since 2013. Building on its technical expertise, these centres offer different types of equipment. Discover our freestanding cross-training stations, modular racks for punching bags, wall pads, and acoustics flooring solutions. Additional equipment such as medicine balls, suspension straps and ropes are also available. You can find all these products below. Most of our equipment is customisable and can be used to display the colours of your club or event.

Functional Training : health trough sport



We worked in collaboration with SportCom for all fitness equipment and devices. We are very happy with the quality of their equipment, and we highly recommend this company for the Fitness and Cross Training range!

Anthony - Athletic Pro, Managing Director

I chose the fitness sector to bring pleasure and well-being to the members [...] Fitness must remain a fun activity and a pleasure above all!

Mountassir Bouhadba - CEO dounder of the Gigafit network

TESTIMONY, Athony founder & CEO, Athletic pro

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