Cardio boxing and wellness at work
Cardio boxing and wellness at work

Working out at work is increasing in popularity. Companies are getting more and more involved as it plays a vital role in the notion of wellness at work. 78% of employees say they want to do sport at work. So what exactly do you get out of sport and cardio boxing (also known as air boxing or shadowboxing) when you do it at work? 

Quick definition of cardio boxing 

As you can guess, cardio boxing is the combination of cardio and boxing. The idea is to throw a series of punches (in the air or ona bag) to a beat set by thumping music. So you work on your cardio, tone up and improve your coordination.

The benefits of cardio boxing at work for employees:

The nature and intensity of cardio boxing improves the physical fitness of employees. This high energy sport also helps relieve stress. With a healthy body and mind, employees tend to improve their self-esteem.

The group classes create team spirit and a sense of community at work. 

It all helps fuel wellness at work. 

The benefits of cardio boxing for the company

Improved posture and less stress help significantly reduce absenteeism and work accidents (namely for physical jobs). 

Also, better team spirit and general happiness plays a vital role in productivity. A comfortable and fulfilled employee tends to be more productive.

Last but not least, cardio boxing at work and sport in general plays a role in the employer brand. The happier people are at work, the better it will seem to work at your company. You gain your employees' loyalty and also attract new talent to your teams. 

So you see, cardio boxing at your workplace is a real asset for both you and your staff. The guarantee of a tight-knit and healthy team!