In terms of tone, return business phone calls can capture a number of different moods and attitudes, which the caller can decide upon; some business calls are friendly, while others are naturally competitive. However, generally speaking, returned phone calls should be made as soon as possible and should concern the matter for which contact was initiated by the caller.

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Boxing and company

Health Boxing according to French boxing federation


Over the past seven years, we put the athletes at the heart of exerything that we did and this, of course, included providing them wih the very best possible sports equiment and services - equipment and services provided by SportCom

Sebastian Coe - Chairmain, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games

Je suis un rêveur. J’ai besoin de rêver et d’atteindre les étoiles, et si je rate une étoile, alors je saisis une poignée de nuages

Mike Tyson - Boxeur

The benefits of boxing

Les bienfaits de la boxe
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